Our ability to intergrade Supply Chain Management with the latest transportation and information technology allow us to provide our customers with custom designed logistics packages that can address your specific cost effective requirements.

What Our service includes:

Vendor Compliance and Order management

We manage your item, order, and shipment details to ensure what you order is what you receive.

Global information management
We track events and milestones, report progress and exceptions, and alert you when action is required.

Global Distribution Management
Our comprehensive portfolio of service includes consolidation, pick and pack, warehousing, distribution center by pass, customs clearance and even integrated solutions for end to end handling.

Regulatory Compliance Management
We manage and monitor your documents to ensure accuracy in comparison with your purchase order, and to track your customs clearance progress.

Transportation management
We manage local transportation and make sure your products are Delivered Service at the right time, right place, and in the right way to receiver.

We manage solution planning for inbound logistics from the supplier end to the client end. Our solutions provide the complete array of services from collection to storage and delivery. We customize our services to the size of our customer’s project and the complexity of their processes. At 3S Logistics and Supply Chain we keep supplies moving the production lines and products moving to customers. We partners with customers to create logistics solutions that are efficient, elegant and environmentally sensitive.

Our Supply Chain Method


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